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Light Meditation and Healing Circle • Free and Open to the Public • September 21, 2014

Presented by Don McCann, MA, LMT, LMHC, CSETT, Creator of Structural Energetic Therapy® Lutz, FL – Give and receive healing for your loved ones, your pets, and yourself! Join Don and Laura McCann for his free Light Meditation and Healing Circle to

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Free Teleconference with Don McCann: Is Energetic Healing for You?

Learn about Cranial/Structural Energetics, a heart centered energy expression that awakens your inherent ability to help yourself and others heal by moving away from limiting physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual constructs with Don McCann, the creator of Structural Energetic Therapy

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World Healing for a New Future!

WORLD HEALING FOR A NEW FUTURE! A heart meditation to bring healing to the people of the world. Sponsored by Cranial/Structural Energetics and Structural Energetic Therapy® Please join us! We will be meditating from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. EST on

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Quantum mechanics allows healing at a distance

When applying energetic healing techniques, you are not limited to being in the person’s or animal’s physical space. In fact, healing energy can sometimes be more effective from a distance! This opens up tremendous possibilities for working with people around

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healthy, happy, playful pet

Your pet can live a healthier, happier life

Cranial/Structural Energetics is not just for humans. All living beings can benefit from this incredible healing energy. Take a look at this letter of gratitude from a pet owner who had nearly given up hope, until she heard about Cranial/Structural

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Heart Space

True healing comes through the heart space

True healing comes through the heart space. Research has confirmed that the way to develop intuition is to allow energy to come through by developing a bigger space in your heart. This does not mean that we have to have

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Higher Power

True healing energy comes from a Higher Power

True healing energy comes from a Higher Power. This is recognized in every energetic healing method I have ever studied. It is not mine, and I am not the healer. Ego, especially ego enhancement, blocks the healing energy from the

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